Something for the Lamppost

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Short film | Black comedy
Written and Directed by Dave Black & Ray Fury.

The Harts have been running their flower shop for over 30 years and, like their marriage, it has gone stale. With mounting debts, Doug Hart is a florist on the verge of a breakdown. Things come to a head when the local mini-market launch their ‘free bunch with your lunch’ offer. Something’s got to give…

Cast: Paddy Fletcher and Carrie Cohen with Adrian Annis, Jeremy Tiang, Tim Parker, Sarah Alborn, Angela Sorensen, Nigel Osner, Tricia McGrath, Mary Tynan, Adam Evans, Brad Shaw, David Stratful, Fran Thomas, Nasreen Hussain and Jayson Whiteley.
Produced & Directed by David Black Edited by Ray Fury & David Black
Original music by Monica Max West, Joe Evans, Clement Huelse, Vincent Chorizo and The Vulcans.