Stylus Stories is an entertainment of words and music brought to you by the 45ers.

There’s four of us; Victor Vinyl, Dansette Dave, Tommy Turntable and Stylus Steve. We are collectively the 45ers.
We are all neighbours and mates. Dansette Dave has an ‘O’ Level in Art.



Victor Vinyl Victor is a semi-professional cat flap fitter by trade, having served his apprenticeship in the searing heat of Hornsey’s High Street menagerie over the last twenty years. Victor has also been known to collect things like bits of metal and old pieces of timber. Just in case.

Dansette Dave Dave Black film-maker, graphic designer, punk, frequent escapee, to new and heritage concerts, closet collector of prog rock and sparkling new music. He’s the quiet one rightly at the back on the Dansette! Prince Edward made him a cup of tea once.

Turntable Tom Writer, journalist, musician, composer, Mojo contributor, published author of The Glamour Chase a Billy Mackenzie biography and Man on the Run, McCartney in the 70’s. Is it your round Tom ?

Stylus Steve is a half English, quarter French, quarter Welsh and quarter Italian failed Maths teacher. In his recent role as a Sixth Form Adviser he is single-handedly responsible for the huge number of young people who have gone to study Meeja at the University of Lymeswold University. His ambition is to die leaving his children with Nigella Lawson’s credit card bills. His answer to the question Beatles or Stones, is of course, Beatles.

Stylus Stories is about 18 months old. We started it because we were a pub quiz team and getting bored with it, and Stylus Steve said one night we should do a vinyl night somewhere, so it’s all his fault. The first event was in November 2012, and it was unexpectedly a very exciting triumph spontaneously igniting on the night. We thought we’d get 30, maybe 40 people and we got about 100 people turn up with carrier bags containing singles, LPs, picture discs and memorabilia. It took off immediately, no idea how.

That first edition was at The Great Northern Railway Tavern in Hornsey High St in N8. Most of them since have been held there, about 8 or 9 so far. We have now moved to the Earl Haig Hall into a larger room with a nicely proportioned stage, and it felt good for our show, so we’re pleased it’s going down well there.

The key elements of a Stylus Stories night are thus: you don’t have to contribute, but if you do, you can offer a story that has a personal thread about your life to share with the audience, and fuse it with a tune that is universal to all…it’s a meeting of individualistic with the popular, the unique with the universal, the unknown story and the well known music, or something like that. It doesn’t have to be funny or bawdy, it can be sad and lonely if you like, and indeed some are. It’s all about blokes not getting shagged at pop festivals in 1972.

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