Show 1 – 20th November 2012

Yes! the very first and some still say the best. Listen on for some fantastic audio recordings of stories and videos from the night.




‘This Boy’ by The Beatles – tribute band version below:

The playlist from the night.

19 (out of 24) of them so far …

Thanks to all who attended the first, block-rockin’ Stylus Stories last night. Highlights included The Jean Genie, 99 Red Balloons and this …

The playlist for the night was as follows (and still updating as we gather info).

The Beatles – That boy
David Byrne – The red house
Scott Walker – Jackie
Elvis Costello – My funny valentine
A masterpiece by Rodgers and Hart from 1937 – covered by 1000s of artistes over the years. I played it in trubute to an ex-girlfriend who now lives in the USA – although not mentioned on the night. Dansette Dave.
The Slits – Man next door
Had a massive crush on Viv Albertine at school, we were both in the Art Dept. At one time which enhanced my school attendance somewhat – my adoration was not reciprocated however. Dansette Dave.
The Jam – Beat surrender
Madness – It must be love
The Coasters – Little Egypt
Violent femmes – Gone daddy gone
Blind Faith – Sea of joy
Kevin Ayres – Stranger in blue suede shoes
Tony Jacklin – Come fly with Me
Initially bought as a joke in 1981 but grew to recognise it as a masterpiece of Big Band Swing. Had to lend own copy to Creation Records in 1994 to re-issue as CBS had lost original tapes and sleeve and I had only known copy. Nearly lost £10 betting against anyone recognising recording, however ‘cogniscenti’ admitted using recognition app on i-phone! Andrew.
Nena – 99 red balloons
David Bowie – The jean genie
Chicago – If you leave me now
Father John Misty – I’m writing a novel
Quadrophenia – Quadrophenia
Pete Mac Junior – The Water Margin
Jane Birkin – Je T’Aime
Bow Wow Wow – I want candy
Ramones – Rockaway beach
Georgie Fame – Fully booked
“I made cassettes for poeple in the 80’s, you know Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Stereolab, Throwing muses etc etc, mostly obvious guitar based groups. One day I got one back from Ronnie Randall, yep you guessed Sonic youth, Neil Young, Throwing Muses and Georgie Fame ?! Hang on Georgie Fame ?! The old jazzer who gave mums Rosetta and Sunny? must be the token joke track..but when I played the enclosed track ‘Fully booked’ it led me into another world of excepting more than just bloody guitar bands, it rocked along and the lyrics just killed me “I got it made like I’m knee deep in women” ! Dave Duophonic.
Vanilla Fudge – You keep me hanging on
The Searchers – Needles and pins
“My dad is still with us, although if anyone has seen any marbles…..
Mum died a few years ago.
I remember this song from family parties.
Dad and his mates would be in the kitchen drinking Red Barrel from glasses from the green shield catalogue.
Mum and her mates would be struggling under the weight of two cans of hair lacquer, hoovering up the snowballs or possibly a Babycham.The carpet was well and truly rolled back and the air was toxic with No 6 fumes. The stereogram would be pumping out one of a collection of Golden Hour Albums.We had The Kinks, Petula Clark, and Harry Secombe.
This Searchers album was always popular – especially Neeeedles ahhhhndd Pinnnsah ! Stylus Steve.

Please leave a comment to add or complete the list thanks.

Have a listen to some of the tracks played on the night (via Spotify) on this post.

Quotes from the Harringay online site:-

“Popped into this last night and can report it was brillant; lots of heartwarming vinyl-related stories, great music and a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!”

“So, the ones that stick in my mind are a guy who inherited his dad’s vinyl collection when he died earlier this year; he played You Keep Me Hangin’ On by Vanilla Fudge – admitted he didn’t really like it but it was the song that most reminded him of his father. There was a lady who worked in HMV on Oxford St in the 80s and played the Ramones and a reggae track I can’t recall – both reminded her on sitting on the roof in the summer during lunchbreak. Another lady played 99 Red Balloons by Nena…the sound of her teenage years. There was Je T’aime (brought back memories of amorous discos), If You Leave Me Now by Chicago (lamenting past romances) and Jean Genie (can’t remember the story, sorry). Lots of others I can’t recall…but it was brilliant. A really warm atmosphere; lots of clapping, singing and a bit of dancing.”

Harringay online

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